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 Upcoming Concert, Preview

25. Oktober 2017, 7 pm, D-Singen (Hohentwiel)
Rathaus, Bürgersaal:

"An American in Singen"
"from the wondrous music world of Allan Rosenheck"

with Ursla and Allan Rosenheck, Eva Bielefeld, Inga Bail and Karl Baschnagel

Details later 

(Entrance free, collection for the renovation of the chapel in the clinic Singen)

Online hören

You can hear most of the Rosenheck compositions online!

On the catalog page, simply click onto the underlined title. 

New Compositions by Allan Rosenheck
(see catalog for prices, orders)

"Mystery Animals"

TapperFive Legger -  DreamerSwimmer -  MonsterTramper -  Babbler

für Blockflötenquartett (SATB)

The composer won't reveal which animals are "hiding" behind these strange names, but he hopes that the music will be enjoyable -- with or without the titles! 

"3 Stations"
Rascal - First Love - Wedding
for recorder quartet (SATB)

These three "reflections on life"  display a typical Rosenheck mix of humor and romance.  As usual, the pieces can be performed with a larger group, whereby the addition of a sub-bass is strongly recommended.

"Schweiz retour" 
(Switzerland, roundtrip)

An amusing travel report with 5 stops  
(Duration: approx. 30 Minutes)

"Schweiz retour" tells the experiences of a tourist visiting Switzerland for a week: He is surprised to learn that for the local people, the most important attractions are not the Alps but rather a Swiss cereal (Birchermüsli), an old-age home for horses (Le Roselet), a competition with an immense boulder, the musical entertainment in a health resort and a contest for driving tractors. Everything is told with childlike naivity and irony from the standpoint of the young tourist. The result is a miniature musical comedy. The musical numbers are:

Ouverture, Birchermüesli, Le Roselet, Der verlorene Stein, Kurkonzert, Das Wettpflügen

(The recording is from a version with mixed choir and ensemble accompiament.)

Three versions: 

1) 2 voices (mezzo soprano und bass baritone), narrator, recorder ensemble und percussion

2)  male choir, narrator und piano accompiament

3) mixed choir, narrator und piano accompiament


"Los Angeles, a Multi-Ethnic City"

 für recorder quintet (SATTB)

With typical Rosenheck harmonies and vitality, these five pieces ((La Cancion del Pueblo de Los Angeles - South Central - Chinatown - Fairfax -  Olvera Street) describe the various ethnic groups living in Los Angeles. The pieces are well suited to performances with larger ensembles. Since the pieces are somewhat longer than in earlier Rosenheck albums, individual parts are also supplied.  

"5 Temperaments"

for recorder quartet

The "5 Temperaments" in this album are: 
relaxed, belovedimpatient, melancholy und exuberant. Although some synchopation pops up here and there, these pieces are probably among Rosenheck's simpler pieces.


The California Suite (Beach Walk / Redwood Forest / Disneyland / Desert Episode / Hollywood) was written originally for string ensemble. Now the well-known Aamerican conductor Thomas Axworthy has arranged this entertaining music for recorder orchestra (8 to 10 voices). Each piece is introduced by a short text passage which may be read aloud and printed in the program brochure to bring the listeners into the "right" mood. The arrangement is suited primarily for fairly advanced players.
A very attractive recording by the Japanese recorder orchestra MEGURO can be found on Youtube (enter "rosenheck" meguro")

"ALPHORN-Suite, American Style" (Blues, Ballad, Swing)
for Solo-Alphorn and Blockflöten-Ensemble

(Duration, approx. 10 Min.)

A novelty! Alphorn together with recorders!

Although the solo part was written expressly for alphorn, it may also be played by a french horn. In addition, notes for a tenor saxophone are also available.  

This combination is certainly unusual. As the solo instrument is quite "loud", an ensemble size of at least 20 players is recommended. With its many jazz rhythms and syncopations, the music is somewhat of a challenge, but it can definitely be  mastered by experienced players.

Newest version: for Solo Alphorn and Piano/Harp accompaniment

2 Alphornsuiten:

This album contains two further short suites for Alphorn. The pieces with their "typical" Rosenheck harmonies and rhythms should be well-suited as concert encores.  

1. Four Moods  for Alphorn and Accompaniment (Piano, etc.)

     KlezmerArgentine - American - Appenzell      

  2. In the Alps for Solo Alphorn

     Valley Greetings - HomesickCheese Festival 


    Die Wunderflöte (The Miraculous Flute), new version

"The Miraculous Flute" is a special Rosenheck composition in a new version (duration: approx. 30 minutes). Combining narration and music, similar to "Peter and the Wolf", it tells the exciting story of the young lady Vanessa and all her animals. Originally, the work was scored for recorders and various wind instruments. However, that version proved too demanding for many groups.The new version requires only recorders and piano. Although the music contains some difficult passages, it is definitely written for non-professionals. The recorder parts are divided into a solo and a tutti group (for the less experienced players). "The Miraculous Flute" is also suited for larger groups or recorder orchestras. It should serve as an interesting project, offering the opportunity for friends/children (drawings, decorations, pantomine, etc.) to participate.