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You can listen to the pieces which are unterlined. 

Please note: All music for recorder and wind instruments is available solely through Musiklädle, Karlsruhe (see Contact, Links). The price for these works is therefore given only in Euros. The remaining works with CH-prices may also be ordered from Ursus-Edition, Switzerland.

 Comments to the recordings:
This is an assorted collection of recordings by professional musicians, enthusiastic amateurs and motivated students. Many of the pieces were performed by friends and students within the framework of public or house concerts. When  no "live" recordings were available, the pieces were performed by my computer. It plays unmusically but hopefully gives a first impression of the music. I would be happy if you could contribute recordings of live performances to replace the computer versions. At the end of this catalog, I have listed the performers known to me.

Recorder Flute Cello
Saxophone, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Horn, Alphorn Piano, Organ Solo-Voice
Choral Group Chamber ensemble Orchestra, Musical
Party Time
10 Miniatures for 3 Recorders (S-S-A oder A-A-T)
Parade - Tarantella - Sarah-Bande - Tempo-Lamento - Popcorn - Little Blues - Fiesta - Lisette - Pepe's Tango - Party Time
Nr. 12951-H (high version)
Nr. 12951-T (low version)
also available as
Nr. 12951-QKF (Flute, clarinet and bassoon)
Nr. 12951-K (3 clarinets)
Nr. 12951-O (2 oboes, 1 englishhorn)

Euro 10.80
Songs and Dances American Style
for 3 Recorders (S-A-T or A-T-B)
Chitchat - Quiet Times - Tango Oriental - Together - Jolenda - Mississippi - Sweet Dreams - The Little Train
Nr. 189916-H (high version)
Nr. 189916-T (low version)

Euro 10.80
Die Wundertüte
10 cheerful pieces für 1, 2, 3 and 4 Recorders
Der Spatz - Betrunkene Hühner - Susi-Song - Drei Hexen - Stille - Marionetten - Mini-Tango - Peppi und Anja - Gruss aus Paris - In der Kirche (und nachher)
Nr. 93972

Euro 10.80
Impressionen aus New York
for Recorder quartet (S-A-T-B)
Central Park - Subway - Moon over Manhattan - Broadway-Premiere
Nr. 19973

Euro 10.80
for Recorder quintet (S-A-T-T-B)
Havin' Fun - A Kind of Waltz - Puppet Show - Fried'olin - Bananas
Nr. 15987
On Youtube you can also hear an excellent recording of Bananas, played by the Meguro Recorder Orchestra, Japan:

Euro 10.80
Christmas in New York
for Recorder quartet (S-A-T-B)
Christmas Parade - Snowflakes - Christmas Shopping - In Church -
The Tired Santa Claus - Around the Christmas Tree - Ice Skating in Central Park
Nr. 150021

Euro 10.80
Special People
for 3 Recorders (A-T-B)
The Optimist - Split Personality - Carefree - Undecided - The Dreamer - Restless -
Just Tired - Just Happy
Nr. 10123
also available as
Nr. 10126 (Flute, clarinet und bassoon)
Nr. 10122 Duo (A-B)
Nr. 10124 Solo (Alto-recorder or flute)

Euro 10.80
6 simple pieces für alto recorder and piano
Undelpick - Italina - Promenade - Romanze - Ein Lächeln - Galopp
Nr. 102989
also available as
Nr. 102985 (Flute and piano)
Euro 10.00
for recorder (partly double) quartet (S-A-T-B)
Theme with Variations
Nr. 20226
Score + Parts:

Euro 7.80
for Recorder ensemble
Schräger TanzSquare Dance - Marsch - East goes West - Die alte Standuhr

Euro 11.00
Morning Dance
for 2 alto recorders+ piano
Nr. 10328

Euro 7.00
A Little Fun
Passacaglia for alto recorder+ piano (advanced level)
+ Nachtigall, Solo piece for alto recorder
Nr. 50329

Euro 7.00
11 short Duets for2 soprano recorders (for lower levels)
Mini-Reise - Mini-Blues - Mini-Schneeflocken - Mini-Walzer - Mini-Spatzen - Mini-Kitsch - Mini-Rock - Mini-Pizza - Mini-Tango - Mini-Schlaflied - Mini-Quatsch
Nr. 50330-S
also available for 2 alto recorders
Nr. 50330-A

Euro 9.50
Das Hemd des Zufriedenen (The Shirt of the Contented Man)
A modern fairy tale adapted from Wilhelm Busch for recorder quartet and narrator
Ouverture - King's ProclamationYouth Center - Senior-Dance Course
In the Business WorldDiscouraging News -Depressing NewsHappy NewsSad Shepherd -
Delighted Shepherd
 Nr. 70431
(The recording is from a scenic production; the text is in German)

Euro 13.00
11 short pieces for recorder quartet (for lower levels)
Fanfare -Allan's Rag  - Blues in BFiesta Smaleca - Lullaby - A Simple March - A Simple Waltz - Tom's TunePracticing Scales - Memories - A Little Nonsense
Nr. 60533

Euro 10.80
2 Concert Pieces (Crazy Carousel and Two Spirits) for alto recorder amd piano (advanced level)
Nr. 60432

Euro 7.-
Music Box for recorder or Gemshorn quartet (lower level)
Marche exotique - A Little Sentimental - A little Stroll - Just a Rag - Just a Minute - A Sad Waltz - Music Box
Nr. 40635

Euro 9.50
Kloster-Suite for recorder quartet
Im Klostergarten - Pater Bruno scherzt - Wandeln im Kreuzgang - Das Klostergespenst - Stille
Nr. 70636

Euro 7.50
Klezmer-Fantasie for recorder quartet and percussion
Nr. 110637

Euro 6.00
Klezmer-Fantasie for soprano and alto recorder with piano accompaniment
Nr. 110638
Score and parts:

Euro 10.50

Lotti's Day 5 pieces for recorder quartet
At the Market - Ocean Waves - Fun and Games - Fondue Party - Adieu and Happy Birthday
Nr. 30739-2

Euro 8.50

A Day in Hamburg 6 pieces for recorder quartet
Sunday Morning - At the Port - The Storm - Planten un Blomen (City Park) - Hagenbeck (Zoo) - Reeperbahn (Nightlife-District)
Nr. 40840

Euro 9.00
Just Fun 5 pieces for recorder quartet
Der Clown und die Schöne - Bright and Blues - Ständchen - Just Fun - Jubilee
Nr. 10941

Euro 10.80
Sentimento 5 pieces for recorder quartet
Romanze - Jubilo - Hoffnung - Wonne - Serenade
Nr. 60942

Euro 10.80
Die Wunderflöte (The Miraculous Flute)
Musical for Children and Adults
Narrator, recorder ensemble and piano
(Duration, approx. 30 Min.)
Nr. 11044
Complete Score:

Recorder score je
     Euro 11.-
American Souvenirs 3 pieces for recorder ensemble (S-S-A-T-B) with percussion and/or guitar accompaniment
Manhattan Rag - Cowboy Blues - Golden Gate (see News as well)
Nr. 80943
Individual parts are also available for this album.
Euro 11.00

Individual parts
Euro 3.00
Impressionen aus einer Musikwoche (Impressions from a Music Course)  5 pieces for recorder quartet
Warming up - Chatting -  Pretty tired - Performance- Goodbye
Nr. 81046

Euro 8.50
Wildwest-Suite (Breikopf&Härtel)
for Recorder quartet and percussion
Sonnenaufgang - Unterwegs - Ferne Trommeln - Stiefeltanz - Am Lagerfeuer
Nr. MN 8923

Euro 18.90
Suite en miniature/Aus New Orleans (Breikopf&Härtel)
for Recorder quartet
Ouverture - Chorale - Marche - Sicilienne - Finale
Emma's Blues - Aus alten Zeiten - Swing Time
Nr. MN 9034

Euro 18.90
Fünf Weltstädte
for Recorder quartet
Paris - Tel Aviv - Rio - St. Louis - Thun (Das Huhn von Thun)
Nr. 81657

Euro 10.00
Relda (The Eagle Kingdom)
(Duration, approx. 30 Min.)
 (Ouverture, Inhabited Meadow, Bruno  the messenger, Maximilian the centipede,, Tim, the squirrel, Saratuga, the spider, Jakob, the koala bear , Speedy the cuckoo, The big Party)
 The story - in German - follows each musical piece)
 Nr. 11145
A musical fairy tale for recorder quartett / ensemble and narrator

Euro 10.80
Gesucht (Wanted)
 In large red letters, March, Minister Mooney, Detective Motive, Warming up, Carousel-Waltz  ShockHow DumbWhistlePrisoners'  ChorusThe story - in German - follows each musical piece
(Dauer ca. 30 Min.)
Nr. 31148
for recorder quartet/ ensemble and narrator

Euro 12.00
4 pieces for recorder quartet,  2 pieces for solo alto recorder
You Bunny!,  YourWord, American March, From my Heart, Pastorale, Swing Along
Nr. 71149
     Euro 9.50 
Der Mond ist aufgegangen
3 church songs with variations for recorder quartet
Der Mond ist aufgegangen, Weisst Du wieviel Sternlein, Tochter Zion 
Nr. 21250

 Euro 7.00
4 Seasons plus 1  (4 Jahreszeiten plus 1)
5 pieces for recorder quartet
Swing in Spring (Swing im Frühling)Summer in the Alps (Alpensommer)Autumn Colors (Herbstfarben)Sleigh Ride (Schlittenfahrt)Carnival Season (Karneval-Saison)
Nr. 11352

  Euro 10.80
Just a Tango and more
5 easier pieces für recorder trio (SSA) or (AAT)
Just a Tango Pferdekutsche  (Horsedrawn carriage)  - schlapp  (weary)Drei Mäuse   (3 Mice)
 Just a Waltz
Nr. 121354 (SSA) /121354-T (AAT)

  Euro 9.00
ALPHORN-Suite, American Style
for Solo Alphorn and Blockflöten-Ensemble
Blues, Ballad, Swing
Nr. 121251
Score (with Soloparts):
Euro 12.-
Recorder parts, each:
Euro 3.-
for recorder orchestra
Beach Walk - Redwood Forest - Disneyland - Desert Episode - Hollywood
Nr. 30020-OB

      Score (
   Euro 39.00

 separate parts:
       Euro 2.-
5 Temperaments
5  pieces for recorder quartet
Nr. 61555
relaxed, belovedimpatient, melancholy und exuberant
     Euro 8.00
Los Angeles, a Multi-Ethnic City
5  pieces for recorder quintet (SATTB)
Nr. 71556

La Cancion del Pueblo de Los Angeles - South Central - Chinatown - Fairfax -  Olvera Street
Score (
   Euro 29.00

 separate parts:
    Euro 3.50
Schweiz retour (Switzerland, roundtrip)
An amusing travel report with five stops 
Musical for 2 voices (Mezzo soprano und bass baritone), narrator, recorder ensemble and percussion
Duration: approx. 30 Min.

Nr. 100125-BDS (complete score for the conductor, narrator and the singers),  Nr. 100125-BBP (recorder score with percussion)    

Ouverture, Birchermüesli, Le Roselet, Der verlorene Stein, Kurkonzert, Das Wettpflügen
(Die recording is from a version with mixed choir and ensemble accompiament.) 
Complete score:
Euro 18.00

Recorder score
Euro 9.50
3 Stations
RascalFirst LoveWedding
3 pieces for recorder quartet
Nr. 91658
      Euro 9.00
Mystery Animals
7 pieces for recorder quartet
TapperFive Legger -  DreamerSwimmer -  MonsterTramper -  Babbler

Nr. 11759
Euro 12.00
(see also the various versions of pieces for recorder, above)
Concert piece for Flute and Piano
Nr. 282986

Euro 8.00
Nachtigall und Spatz
2 Pieces fir Flute solo
Nr. 15988

Euro 4.00

Moods (Edition Trais Giats)
Concert Piece for Cello and Piano
Sunday Afternoon - Monday Morning - Saturday Evening
Nr. ETG 051
CHF 21.-
Euro 15.90
6 leichte romantische Stücke (Edition Trais Giats)
6 Simple Pieces for Cello and Piano
Abschied - Versöhnung - Besinnung - Romanze - Hoffnung - Aufbruch
Nr. ETG 052
CHF 18.-
Euro 13.60
Zirkus-Rondo (Edition Trais Giats)
Concert Piece for Cello and Piano
Nr. ETG 053
CHF 18.60
Euro 14.00
Saxophone, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Horn, Alphorn

4 Pieces for Clarinet orTenorsax and Piano
The Lady from St. Louis - Midnight Blues - Die Katze träumt - Der alte Musikant
Nr. 129812

Euro 10.80
Saxinett & Klarophon (Breikopf&Härtel)
for Clarinet,Alto-/Tenorsax, Piano and Percussion
Das Huhn von Thun - Rondo - Blues für Drei - Drei Tänze aus Trebron (Nr.1, Nr.2, Nr.3)
Der Narr - Zwei Dachse - Aufbruch
Nr. MN 9254

Euro 21.-
Bassoon and piano
Nr. 22984

Euro 8.50
Prelude and Swing
Clarinet, Tenor-or Baritone-sax, Piano
Nr. 109917

Euro 8.50
Party Time 10 Miniatures
Parade - Tarantella - Sarah-Bande - Tempo-Lamento - Popcorn - Little Blues - Fiesta - Lisette - Pepe's Tango - Party Time
Nr. 12951-QKF (Flute, clarinet and bassoon)
Nr. 12951-K (3 clarinets)
Nr. 12951-O (2 oboes, 1 englishhorn)

Euro 10.80
ALPHORN-Suite, American Style
Blues, Ballad, Swing
Nr. 121251
Version for Solo-Alphorn and Recorder Ensemble
Newest version for Alphorn and Piano/Harp accompaniment Nr. 121251-K:  CHF 9.50 / Euro 8.50
Score (with Soloparts):
CHF 16.-
Euro 12.-
Recorder parts:
each CHF 4.-
Euro 3.-
2 Alphorn Suites:
Nr. 101353
   1. Four Moods  for Alphorn and Accompaniment  (Piano, etc.)
          KlezmerArgentine - American - Appenzell 

   2. In the Alps for Solo Alphorn
         Valley Greetings - HomesickCheese Festival
Score (with Soloparts):
CHF 16.-
Euro 12.-
Piano, Organ
Tierrätsel (Breikopf&Härtel)
(8 Short Piano Pieces)
Nr. MN 501
CHF 16.-
Euro 9.90
Florianische Fantasie
quasi una Passacaglia (Orgen solo)
Nr. 179810
CHF 6.-
Euro 4.00
5 Songs and 2 Ballads (with piano accompaniment)
Vocalise - Evening - Du schläfst - vielleicht - Abseits - Das Kind und sein Schatten - Hamlet's Geist
Nr. 29913-H (high, Soprano/Tenor)
Nr. 29913-T (low, Alto/Bass)
Nr. 29913-M (medium, Mezzo/Baritone)
CHF 16.-
Euro 11.80
Choral Group
The Old Steam Engine
Choral group a cappella
Nr. 119811
CHF 8.-
Euro 6.00
Schweiz retour
An amusing travel report with 5 stops
Musical for mixed or male choir, narrator und piano
 optional: Ensemble-accompaniment (+ Sax, Clar., percussion.)

Nr. 100125-g (mixed choir),    Nr. 100125-m (male choir)

Ouverture, Birchermüesli, Le Roselet, Der verlorene Stein, Kurkonzert, Das Wettpflügen
(duration approx. 30 Min.)

Score (with piano accomp.)

CHF. 18.00
Euro 16.00
Das gestohlene Jesuskind (The Stolen Jesus Child)
Word and music for mixed chorus a cappella and narrator
Nr. 10432
(Piano reduction Nr. 10432-K also available: CHF 5.-/Euro 3.00)
CHF 15.-
Euro 10.00
Chamber ensemble
Flute or Clarinet, Tenorsax or Violin or Cello, Piano
Auftakt - Träume - Die Amsel
Nr. 159915
CHF 25.-
Euro 17.50
 Orchestra, Musical
Nr. 109918
CHF 18.-
Euro 13.00
  per part:
CHF 3.-
Euro 1.80
(String ensemble, 2 Flutes
Beach Walk - Redwood Forest - Disneyland - Desert Episode - Hollywood

Nr. 30020-B (Violin I u. II, Viola, Cello, 2 Flutes)
Nr. 30020-U (Violin I u. II, Cello, 2 Flutes)

A charming recording of the California Suite (played by the Japanese recorder orchestra Meguro) is available on Youtube. Simply type in "California Suite rosenheck"

CHF 20.-
Euro 14.00
  per part:
CHF 3.-
Euro 2.00
Concert piece for Solo Cello and Orchestra
Sunday Afternoon - Monday Morning - Saturday Evening
Nr. 109919
CHF 20.-
Euro 14.00
per part:
CHF 3.-
Euro 2.00
Die Wunderflöte (The Miraculous Flute)
(Ouverture, Part 1, Part 2)
Musical for Children and Adults
Narrator, Flute, Tenorsax, Bassoon, Piano, Recorders or wind ensemble
(Duration: approx. 30 Min.)
Nr. 149914

Also available in a version for recorder ensemble alone, see above
Complete Score
CHF 35.-
Euro 23.00
ind. instruments each
CHF 8.-
Euro 6.00

Grüsse aus Amerika (Breikopf&Härtel)
for String ensemble, 2 Recorders or flutes and Piano
Happy Time - Moonlight Romance - Billy's Rag - Ella's Blues - Western Dance
Nr. MN 9605
CHF 21-
Euro 14.50
Orchestra set:
CHF 48.-
Euro 33.00
Special thanks to the performers:

Craig Mann (Bass Baritone)
Margaretha Segesser (Soprano)
Martin Hindermann (Vocal Ensemble Aawangen-Häuslenen)
Jürg Tobler (Vocal Ensemble Küsnacht)

Wen-Sinn Yang (Cello)
Gyula Petendi (Cello)


Dietrich Kawohl 

Karl Baschnagel (Saxophone)
Elsbeth Strebel (Flute)
Matthys Gschwind (Flute)
Thomas Keller (Clarinet)
Roland Müller (Flute-Trio)

The Menzl Trio (Petra, Lisa, Fabian)
Pascal Suter (Solo)
Elsbeth Strebel (Greifensee Recorder Ensemble)
Dietrich Schnabel (Recorder Ensemble, Dortmund)
Marc Peire (Recorder Ensemble Trin)
Gisela Wassermann (FlauTeenies, Schmalegg)
Petra Menzl/Sibylle Rümler  (Flautississimo)
Gisela Colberg, BOB&BOL Recorder Orchestra
 Tom Axworthy, Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra (LARO)

André Briel

Peter Goetsch
Stefan Rieger
Allan Rosenheck

And a special thanks to German Frank, who has drawn the wonderful illustrations for many years!

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